Within the Care4U project the partnership developed four Care4U handbooks, which has the role of guide. These Care4U guides are designed to develop targeted guides, manuals, recommendations and supporting material to support the wider take-up and roll-out of the project.

For the different stakeholders to understand the scope, objectives and content of Care4U, different handbooks and guides targeted to each of them have been created. These guides include the results and findings, the training approach and content, the channels, learning activities and learning objectives.

The stakeholders belonging to different sectors, like health and care consumers, institutions, training and educational centers, policy makers can take up the relevant methodologies and/or contents and transfer them to their own sector.

For this purpose the following handbooks have been created:
 Care4U handbook for health and care and caregivers and consumers of care;
 Care4U handbook for health and care institutions;
 Care4U handbook for health and care training and educational centres;
 Care4U policy brief.

The handbooks has been developed bearing in mind the needs of the target group and aims to generate awareness and engagement with the CARE4U learning.

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